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Neinuo’s lunch

What Where, How and When?

Varieties of foods

The beginnings of farming and herding

On the Trail of the Earliest People


From Gathering to Growing Food

In the Earliest Cities

A new way of life

‘Storing’ animals

What Books and Burials Tell Us

Finding out about the first farmers and herders

Look at the table below to see where evidence of grain and bones of domesticated animals have been found.

Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic

Grain and BonesSites
Wheat, barley, sheep, goat, cattleMehrgarh (in present day-Pakistan)
Rice, fragmentary  animal bonesKoldihwa (in present-day Uttar Pradesh)
Rice, cattle  (hoof marks on clay surface)Mahagara (in present-day Uttar Pradesh)
Wheat and lentilGufkral (in present-day Kashmir)
Wheat and lentil, dog, cattle,  sheep, goat, buffalo,Burzahom (in present-day Kashmir)
Wheat, green gram, barley, buffalo, oxChirand (in present-day Bihar)
Millet, cattle, sheep, goat, pig Black gram, millet, cattle,Hallur (in present-day Andhra Pradesh)

Millet, cattle, sheep, goat, pig  Black gram, millet, cattle,


New Questions and Ideas

What about other customs and practices?


Ashoka, The Emperor who Gave up War


A closer look —

(a) Living and dying in Mehrgarh

Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

Earlier and later levels

A closer look — (b) Daojali Hading

Traders, Kings and Pilgrims



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