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How some men became rulers

In the Earliest Cities


  1. Priest

From Gathering to Growing Food

2. kshatriyas

3. vaishyas


On the Trail of the Earliest People


What Where, How and When?


What Books and Burials Tell Us


As the rulers of the mahajanapadas were

(a) building huge forts

(b) maintaining big armies, they needed more resources.

Changes in agriculture

There were two major changes in agriculture around this time.

Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic

A closer look — (a) Magadha

New Questions and Ideas

A closer look — (b) Vajji

Ashoka, The Emperor who Gave up War

Ajatasattu and the Vajjis

  1.  They held full and frequent public assemblies.
  2. They met and acted together.
  3.  They followed established rules.
  4. They respected, supported and listened to elders.
  5. Vajji women were not held by force or captured.
  6. Chaityas (local shrines) were maintained in both towns and villages.
  7. Wise saints who followed different beliefs were respected and allowed to enter and leave the country freely.

Vital Villages, Thriving Towns


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