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When the sea is tranquil and peaceful, mesmerizingly shining in all its glory, life is just grand. Who needs to persevere when everything is smooth? The sun is shining, birds chirping; you sail right through, hair swaying in the calm breeze. But it doesn’t show one’s skill. When one is truly happy and everything is mellow, there is no need to strive. No need to push through. However, you see one of them, the construction workers who carry heavy sacks and an even heavier burden of life on them, the smile on their faces when they get to have a meal with their family. You see those people who struggled, being mistreated in households; the look on their faces when they get the courage to stand up for themselves.

Isn’t this what truly makes someone skilled? When the violence of the sea becomes a turbulence in your emotions but you have the strength to get through. This is skill. To have someone’s heart make time run.

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Like a particle of dust in the air, just move little by little and then faster, just to reach your goal is what makes one skilled. When you sail and end up in the middle of the vast sea, witnessing the mighty roar of the angry sea and harsh winds pushing you down, you must swallow it up and quench your thirst. If you don’t, what are you facing truly? The sea or just a blue desert? Where here is hope, there is always hardship. Where there is hardship, there’s your will; your determination. Fill the desert with your sweat and tears, that is what skill is. You see an unforgiving sea, you see a dry desert, and that makes up your world. The smooth sea never did truly make a skilled sailor. The ones who sail through the sandy winds of the vast desert and build their own oasis are skilled.

The ones who can tame even the most terrifying waves and confidently sail through are truly skilled. Sometimes the waves can envelope you, water all around, your emotions drowned with your courage. But there’s light above you. The Sun bathing you in its glory and all you have to do is swim up and sail through, embracing yourself with love. Because that’s what skill truly is. As Kim Taehyung and Jung Hoseok said, “What is the you that you’ve dreamed of?

Who do you see in the mirror? Go on your path. Even if you live for a day. Do something. Put away your weakness.” In a pacified sea of smooth sailing, one can possess a glass mentality. But when you lay defenseless against the rising storm of self-doubt and fear, ask yourself if you’ve ever worked hard for anything. And it doesn’t matter if you have or not, you must. When the rising sea instills confined dreams onto you, rebel. Becoming the main subject of your life that has always been suppressed, dancing up a dream, gliding through the sea; that’s what skill truly is.

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