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Hello Viewers,

Hi, Anupama is one of my favourite serial. I thing you know why? Any Guess … Share your views surely… I will wait for your replies…. Ok I tell you because its a story of you can say 40% Indian Families. Wife believes on her husband blindly. After a couple of years, mostly near about 20 years, wife come to know about her husband affair. A wife, who try to give her best to her family, get cheated by her husband.

And moreover, in every case, husband held his wife responsible even for his affair also, that he has to do extramarital affair because of her. She care for his family. She look after his children. She look after his parents. She do all household works, but she don’t give him time. According to husband, its his wife fault, that she has given that space to her husband, which is occupied by second woman. It means that wife should not give her husband space. She should kept one eye always on her husband like the serial Excuse Me Madam and May I Come In Madam? IF you don’t kept an eye on your husband, then he will surely cheat you.

Anupama has never check her husband Vanraj’s mobile. Most of the Indian Women also don’t check her husband’s mobile phone. If they accidentally check anytime, then their husband make her fool. The wife have blind faith, which is misused by her husband.

I hurt from my heart on seeing this. Its a story of many Indian housewife Woman, who spent their most of the life in caring her family. In the last, she never get respect from her husband and not even from her children. If you see this serial, Anupama’s Children Paritosh and Sweety don’t respect their mother.

I again and again ask this question Why They don’t respect her? Why? Why?

Because she is early married and she left her dreams uncompleted…….

Because she care for her family from her heart that she even forget about herself……

Because She is not earning money……

Because she forget about herself……

Because she only thinks about her husband,s happiness, her children’s happiness, her in-laws’ happiness…..

Because she find her happiness in other’s happiness….

Because she has internal fear from her husband that he will become angry…

Because Wonraj has married to a girl of his grandmother’s choice. Anupama is not the type of his choice. If this is the reason, why he don’t speak this to his grandmother? Why he spoil his wife’s life?

Do you think that Oneraj or Wanraj have loved Anupama ever??????

Is it the sole responsibility of a husband to be a provider…

Thats all

In my point of view Vanraj have never given the freedom to his wife…..

Freedom of speech….

Freedom to have friends….

Freedom to do any work….

and many more….

All these freedom is given by Anupama to Vanraj. Is this the fault of Anupama. My heart is injured whenever I see all this in our society. And happens near me even many a times in my own house….

But we are failure. Because these Anupama type woman are Laxmi and Saraswati. They will have to become Durga. Lets wait and watch What will be Anupama’s next step.

In the coming Episode Aniruddh will tell the truth to Anupama and her family. But As usual Anupama blindly faith on Vanraj. Anupama was also told earlier by her childhood friend Devika. At that time, same happened. She don’t believe. I think she don’t want to accept the truth. Because it will shatter her faith also. She will think that its really her fault. If I am not wrong.

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