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Shadi Mubarak Serial is a family based serial. This serial is no doubt have a interesting and promising story. The plot is based on a new and modern thinking. As the truth in our Indian enviornment that parent should always live with their Son. And parents think that

“Beti Ke Ghar Ka To Pani Bhi Nahi Pina Chahiye”

This serial has broken this type of thinking. In this serial when son named Tarun disrespect her mother. Then Tarun’s mother Priti left his house and started living with her daughter. Her daughter is already married. Her Daughter and Son in law gives her full respect which should be given. So, she started living with her Samdhan.

Tarun and Rati try to bring their mother to back with them to their house. But all goes in vain. They don’t want their mother back for the love. They want her back so that she do all the household work.

Shadi Mubarak Upcoming Twist

Now the twist is that The Kt will bring a proposal to Priti to become his business partner. But the twist is that Priti will reject that partnership. In today episode, as all we know Kusum is a big fan of The Kate. It will also be shown dramatically.

11th September, 2020 upcoming episode

Preeti will sit outside the house even without wearing slippers. Rati and Tarun will see her and will pass the comments. Then Preeti will not give any reply as usual. After that, she will come inside the house. The KT is already gone. Then she will reject her perposal. Kusum will stop eating food because of the rejection of KT partnership. In the next episode, it will shown that Preeti will get work to make arrangements in a Samaroh. She will go there and will see that someone is already doing her job. His face is cover. She will say that its her work. Then she will come to know that its KT because of whom she got this work.

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