How to Learn Sanskrit Language Easily? | ChildArticle

How to Learn Sanskrit Language Easily? | ChildArticle

Samskritam conversation enables people who wish to study Samskritam language, learn correct pronunciation. By conversing, one can get hold on the language within a short time. Only that language, which is used in day to day life will progress. More than reading books, by listening to Samskritam words repeatedly the language can be understood easily. Clear pronunciation, facial expressions, surroundings – all these help in the study of the language. Therefore, people who listen to Samskritam conversation repeatedly will learn Samskritam faster. Also, they will come to know about its simplicity.

Conversation has the power of attracting and inspiring others. Samskritam language is the medium to spread our culture. By conversing in Samskritam regularly, our culture and ideals can be revived. To teach Samskritam, Samskritam alone has to be the medium. Then only Samskritam education will become easy and meaningful. With its revival and growth, culture
is strengthened and improves our thinking and values in life.

Dharma and culture are the soul and the life of Bharatam. The movement of learning and spreading conversational Samskritam may seem small, but it will open the doors again to our rich culture which is written and preserved in Samskritam language.

How did we learn our mother tongue?

We learnt simply by listening and speaking while sitting on our parents lap. In fact, this is the most natural way to learn a language – listening, speaking, reading and writing.

How to Learn Sanskrit Easily?

Try to use words, which you will learn in this course in your daily conversation. With the help of Samskritam words, make simple sentences and try to converse in Samskritam in your daily life. Soon, you will get familiar with the language and feel comfortable to use it. By repeated usage, your vocabulary will improve.

Don’t hesitate while conversing. Right or wrong – say it with confidence. In the beginning, you are sure to make mistakes. In the course of time, the errors committed will be minimal.

May this endeavor of yours lay the foundation for your intellectual and moral growth.

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