5 Lines on Road Safety In Sanskrit

यत्र नियन्त्रणं न तत्र दुर्घटना: सन्ति।
(Where there is no control, there are accidents.)

यातयामः सर्वदा विहारं प्राप्तुमिच्छामः।
(We always aim to reach our destination safely.)

सदा सविधिपालनं यत्र सुरक्षितं।
(Where rules are always followed, safety prevails.)

ध्वन्यमाने च गामिने सदा सवधानं भवेत्।
(While traveling, always be vigilant even when there is no sound.)

पथि पथि यात्रकाः सदा सम्मोदिताः भवन्ति।
(Travelers on the road should always be cautious.)

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