Ratio and Proportion Class 6 Notes | DailyHomeStudy

  • Ratio, Proportion and Unitary Method.
  •  The comparison of two numbers or quantities by division is known as the ratio.
  • Symbol ‘:’ is used to denote ratio.
  • For a ratio, the two quantities must be in the same unit.
  • If they are not, they should be expressed in the same unit before the ratio is taken.
  • Two ratios are equivalent, if the fractions corresponding to themare equivalent.
  • Four quantities are said to be in proportion, if the ratio of the first and the second quantities is equal to the ratio of the third and the fourth quantities.
  • The symbol ‘::’ or ‘=’ is used to equate the two ratios.
  • The order of terms in a proportion is important.
  • For example 3, 8, 24, 64 are in proportion but 3, 8, 64, 24 are not in proportion.
  • The method in which first we find the value of one unit and then the value of the required number of units is known as unitary method.
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