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Levels of Government

Government works in three different levels:

  1. at the local level (means in your village or town locality),
  2. at the level of the state (covers an entire state like Haryana or Assam) and
  3. at the national level (relates to the entire country).

Laws and the Government

Types of Government

Who gives the government this power to make decisions and enforce laws?

Democratic Governments

Votes for Women

The Government has not willingly shared power anywhere in the world. All over Europe and the USA, women and the poor have had to fight for participation in the government. Women’s struggle to vote strengthened during the 1st World War and came to be called the women’s suffrage movement as the term suffrage usually means right to vote. During the time of war, many of the men were away fighting and because of this women were called to do the work that was earlier considered to be men’s work. This led the people to rethink why they had created so many unfair stereotypes about women and what they were capable of doing. Hence, women were also seen as being equally capable of making decisions. The suffragettes demanded the right to vote for all women and to get their demands heard, they chained themselves to railings in public places. Many suffragettes were imprisoned and went on hunger strikes, and had to be fed by force. American women got the right to vote in 1920 while women in the UK got to vote on the same terms as men some years later, in 1928.

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