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Understanding Diversity

Making friends

What does diversity add to our lives?

Diversity In India

How do we explain Diversity?



Similirites Between Ladakh And Kerala

  1. Kerala and Ladakh quite different in terms of their geographical features have a history with similar cultural influences.
  2. Both regions were influenced by Chinese and Arab traders.
  3. The geography of Kerala allowed for the cultivation of spices, while the special geographical location of Ladakh and its wool drew traders to these regions.
  4. Meanwhile, the influence of diverse cultures is not merely a thing of the past.
  5. Even present lives are all about moving from place to place for work and with each move, the cultural traditions and way of life slowly become part of the new place people reside in.
  6. Similarly, in their own neighbourhoods, people from several communities live close to each other.
  7. Daily lives are about the ways in which they can do things together and hear stories about each other’s lives, customs and traditions.

Unity In Diversity

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