The Truth About Mistakes – Ganesh Puran

आच्छादने दोषवृध्दिः ख्यापने तु लयो भवेत्।
ācchādane doṣavṛdhdiḥ khyāpane tu layo bhavet
दोष (अपराध​) छुपाने से बढ़ता है और प्रकट करने से समाप्त होता है।
A fault gets aggravated if it is concealed but fades away if revealed.

How often do you get the courage to admit our mistakes and apologise? Not so often. Well the truth is, if you concede and apologise, the other person is more likely to understand and reciprocate by forgiving you. The benefit, is that it boosts your image as an honest person, builds more trust and communicates that you are mature.

At the same time, if you don’t concede and the person finds out from other sources then all the wrong assumptions are made which might not even be true. The reason you might decide not reveal is shame, fear of harming your perfect image or simply because you think the wrongdoing is minuscule. None of these reasons are worth the damage it will cause later.

How simple yet very meaningful thought from Ganesh Puran. Please share and do let us know in the comment below if you agree with this Shlok.

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