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Technology in classrooms is helping in transformation of education and it will continue its work in the coming future. Technology in classrooms is making students’ lives easier for disabled students. It prepares them for future jobs, and more knowledgeable about the world as a whole. A successful teacher is connected to the use of technology in a classroom, where the information is communicated to the student. From teacher to student, a learning environment by characterizing student-centered, and interactions between students from around the world. Teachers, administrators, and teacher preparation programs should now be embedded in every learning environment. Every teacher should use technology when the administrator provides the programs. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important”. If the teacher does not how to use the technology, the students might be lost and not get the education of what the program provides. With the help of researchers, families and institutions, they could possibly remove any ineffectiveness, and form strong partnerships to encourage technology in classrooms.

There always is the other side of having technology in classrooms. The disadvantages effects of technology in classrooms has to be surpassed to be more focused on the advantages of technology. Situations such as distractions, socially, and lack of use. If the teacher does not have the education of using the technology, it would be useless and not being used. Teachers that teaches an unorthodox method does not have the use of the technology that is applied in the classroom. Also, problems with third world countries having no electricity, so the use of technology would be useless; even though people like the government and sponsors, they have to find a way to make sure every student will have the same education and opportunity. Teachers that does not give the same opportunity to disabled students is also another issue.

The idea of having a cloud could remove every barrier that technology cause. Having the cloud in our education system, the whole world can be our classroom. “With technology in education, students can learn from anywhere and teachers can teach from anywhere” (Britland). Having the internet everywhere, all of the resources that the teacher provides can be searched with the mobile technology. Applications such as Google Docs allows for more social lessons. Students can get real time comments from teachers while working on projects. Google Docs can provide an opportunity to collaborate productively. Students can either be in the same classroom or be in different countries. AI (Artificial Intelligence) will also be used and also interactive use with the concept of AI. Teachers would be in the classroom while guiding the student’s activities while students do their interactive activity. We already see the AI technology being used in medicine by have what-if scenarios, for trial and error use, also known as simulators. Simulators, or VR, might be a crucial of education in the future. Having VR already simulates real time events, but the future might have use of VR in educational purposes. It will be up to the next generations to make sure these advances of technology in classrooms will fit the needs of people and to make life easier.

Some say that technology is a distraction and hinders the students from fully learning and developing important skills that they claim only the interactions with the teacher can provide. Teachers have said that technology is a powerful tool that allows them to introduce and demonstrate learning activities in a completely new way. It has been studied and proven that most kids are more motivated and interested in the concepts they are supposed to learn when the teaching tool of technology is used.

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