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Tambola meeting invitation

Hello gys this is tambola rockstar

 If you want to play tambola then you have to join our group where we will send tickets and our tickets price is just 50 rupees so hurry up we play ten days you can also message us to get ticket and join the group for link of zoom meeting

Join Group

There will be 1 (host and co-host) so it  means only 98 players no more in the meeting.

So hurry up to win exciting prizes .

The ticket we send you have to write down in a paper or printout it.

Important if there will be 52 below participants then there will be no gifts i am sorry so hurry up and send to other groups.

We send only 98 tickets and the one who will not play then his/her ticket will be finished and we will not give your money back.After 98 tickets the one who will pay money for tickets will be play on next day and you have to enter with your phone no.

GAMES:- Tambola

PRIZES:- 1st Housie 200 Rupees 2nd Housie 150 Rupees 4 corners 100 Rupees, Early five 50 Rupees ,First line-50 Rupees, Second line-50 Rupees, Third line 50 Rupees, Laduu-50 Rupees

How to play– The host of the zoom meeting will say no. and you have to and the no. host will say is in your ticket then you have to just put cross at that no.

What is Tambola Ticket – There are 3 horizontal lines and 9 vertical rows

What is 1st Housie 2nd Housie – When all no. are marked with cross then it is called housie 1st housie for 1 ticket and second housie for 2nd ticket

What is 4 corners – When the corners of the ticket get marked with cross then they are called 4 corners

What is Early five – When the first five no. are market on the ticket is claeed early 5

What is lines– When a horizontally line complete then it is called line there are 3 three lines First line Second line Third line.

What is laduu – When the center of the tambola ticket no. is marked then it is called laduu.

You will be having fun

No. 8076326488

Thank you

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