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The Corona pandemic has made a global impact in the past weeks and continues to hit most of the sectors. Education is one of the most affecting sector. The situation has forced the schools to shut down and the students to stay at home. At such a time, schools and institution have come up with an idea of online classes.

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The student life routine is completely distrubed because of extended lockdown period. The study time, play time and me time is distrubed. All is merged such as homework, coaching, tuition classes, co-curricular activities. So, the idea of online classes and online courses are helping the students to follow a routine.

Establishing a routine becomes crucial for children, especially while staying indoors the entire day, to which they are not used to. A routine will keep the child engaged and the discipline to follow that routine has to come from parents. The online courses help to do just that. Not only can many of the students now attend the online classes arranged from school, they can remain in a routine, if they choose to attend a few of the online courses from leading ed-tech and e-learning websites.

We must recognize that each school community is unique, and it may not be possible for the proposed strategies of social distancing and hygiene practices to be implemented in every setting, during the Corona pandemic scare, if the schools reopen now.. The online environment offers unprecedented opportunities for people who would otherwise have limited access to education, as well as a new paradigm for educators in which dynamic courses of the highest quality can be developed.

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Online classes are easily accessible and these are budget friendly.  To run these classes, we need only a internet connection with good speed and a  computer or mobile.  Even the session, can also be recorded for later use.  The teachers and students can interact any time 24*7.  Student can study with the comfort of their home.  They save their travelling time to school.  Most important, social distance can also be mantained easily.  In school, it will be tough to control the students from playing or touching each other which will spread COVID-19. 

However the online method of learning is not without issues. Experts point out that there is Intense requirement of self discipline since responsibility is entirely upon the students to complete the work and studies on time. Lack of social interaction or personal connections with peers, students and teachers may also affect personality development to a great extent. The students also require good time management skills or else they might fall far behind since there is more freedom than one can handle. There are criticisms that students have Increased workload but little practical experience while learning online.

The ability to learn new information or a new skill whenever and wherever you wish offers far greater opportunities for education than ever before. The scope and reach of online education broadens to far greater horizons than perhaps ever imagined. Evaluating both the pros and cons of online learning will facilitate being better prepared to face the challenge of working in this new environment as well as embrace the new opportunities that it has to offer.

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