Sanskrit Baby Girl Names with Letter V | DailyHomeStudy

Sanskrit Baby Girl Names with Letter V | DailyHomeStudy

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Names for girls

Vaṃśī (वंशी): flute, pipe, an artery or vein.
Vagalā (वगला): goddess worshipped by the Tāntrikas.
Vaṅgalā (वङ्गला): a particular Rāgiṇī in Indian Classical music.
Vacā (वचा): a kind of talking bird, a kind of aromatic root.
Vajrā (वज्रा): name of goddess Durgā and of a daughter of Vaiśvānara.
Vañjarā (वञ्जरा): name of a river.
Vaṭakinī (वटकिणी): name of a particular night of full moon.
Vaḍabā (वडबा): (the nymph Aśvinī, mother of the twin-deity, the Aśvins.) a female horse, mare, a particular constellation represented by a horse’s head.
Vatsalā (वत्सला): kind, loving, tender, fond of or devoted to.
Vanacandrikā (वनचन्द्रिका): Jasminum Sambac.
Vanitā (वनिता): a loved, desired female.
Vandanā (वन्दना): worship, praise, adoration.
Vinītā (विनीता): well-behaved, humble, modest.
Vaiṣṇavī (वैष्णवी): (name of goddess Lakṣmī) one belonging to God Viṣṇu.
Vīṇā (वीणा): Ancient Indian instrument commonly known as ‘lute’, said to be played by Goddes

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