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New Empires and Kingdoms Chapter 10 is about Prashastis, Samundragupta, Vikram Samvat, Harshavardhana and the Harshacharita, The Pallavas, Chalukyas and Pulakeshin’s prashasti.  How were these kingdoms formed?  Assemblies and ordinary people in these kingdoms are also covered in this lesson 10 New Empires and Kingdoms.  We have also included the question, answers with solution.  These notes are prepared by expert teachers.  We have tried our best to include the each and every thing related to this chapter.

Prashastis and what they tell us

In the Earliest Cities

Samudragupta’s prashasti 

Samudragupta’s policies

What Books and Burials Tell Us

Vikram Samvat


Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic

Harshavardhana and the Harshacharita

New Questions and Ideas

The Pallavas, Chalukyas and Pulakeshin’s prashasti 

Ashoka, The Emperor who Gave up War

How were these kingdoms administered?

Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

A new kind of army

Traders, Kings and Pilgrims

Assemblies in the southern kingdoms

Ordinary people in the kingdoms

New Empires and Kingdoms


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