Mano Yatra Viliyate Sloka Meaning in Hindi, English | DailyHomeStudy

Mano Yatra Viliyate Sloka Meaning in Hindi, English | DailyHomeStudy

When stressed ’take a deep breath’ is a common folklore. Well, this is more than true, this Shlok from Hatha Yoga Pradipika depicts the secret to relax your mind and body. Controlling your Prana (breath, in simple words) allows you to calm down and relax your mind. This fact has been proved by the scientific community as well.

Breathing is a powerful tool for manipulating your entire nervous system. And by understanding the specific mechanisms for how it works, I hope that people understand that it is a true physiological process, and doesn’t require faith in any sort of New Age ideas.

Our ancestors said this long ago, they had realized the secret for a happy and relaxed state of mind.

Mano Yatra Viliyate Sanskrit transcript

मनो यत्र विलीयेत पवनस्तत्र लीयते।
पवनो लीयते यत्र मनस्तत्र विलीयते॥

Mano Yatra Viliyate Transliteration

mano yatra vilīyeta pavanastatra līyate।
pavano līyate yatra manastatra vilīyate॥

Mano Yatra Viliyate Hindi translation

जब मन तल्लीन होता है तब श्वास का लय कम होता है।
और मन तब ही तल्लीन होता है जब प्राण नियंत्रित होता है॥

Mano Yatra Viliyate English translation

Breathing is lessened when the mind becomes absorbed,
and the mind becomes absorbed when the Prana is restrained.

Mano Yatra Viliyate Explanation in one Sentence

The secret to a relaxed mind!

What is stillness and interconnection between mind and prana?

Where mind is stilled, then the prana is suspended there, and where prana is suspended, there the mind also gets stilled.

Mano Yatra Viliyate Sloka Source

this Shlok from Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Chapter – 4

Verse 23.

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