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The major seasons recognised in India are:

Cold Weather Season (Winter) December to February
Hot Weather Season (Summer) March to May
Southwest Monsoon Season (Rainy) June to September
Season of Retreating Monsoon (Autumn) October and November

Cold Weather Season or Winter

During the winter season, the sun rays do not fall directly in the region. As a result, the temperatures are quite low in northern India.

Hot Weather Season or Summer

In the hot weather season sun rays more or less directly fall in this region. The temperature becomes very high. Hot and dry winds called loo, blow during the day.

South-West Monsoon Season or Rainy Season

This season is marked by the onset and advance of monsoon. The winds blow from Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal towards the land. They carry moisture with them. When these winds strike the mountain barriers, rainfall occurs.

Season of Retreating Monsoon or Autumn

Natural Vegetation

Why are Forests Necessary?


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