How To Complete Your KYC?

How To Complete Your KYC?

Once you open any e-wallet app, they are showing pop-ups or have a permanent window with an option to update your KYC. The KYC for all the digital wallets can be done instantly with the minimum KYC details.

You can get your KYC done with your Aadhaar details in digital wallet apps, and also schedule a home appointment to verify your documents and complete your KYC.

Users can become a minimum-KYC customer by providing their official valid document ID number (like Aadhaar and PAN). But users will still not be able to send money other wallets or bank account or keep more than Rs. 10,000 in their wallets. Within 12 months of the minimum KYC details, users need to get their full KYC done.

As per the RBI guidelines, users will not be able to receive any cashback if their KYC is not done, but Paytm has said that all Paytm users will continue to get cash back in their accounts, irrespective of their KYC status. Though, non-KYC users will not be able to transfer their money to their bank accounts or to any other Paytm user.

Paytm has also launched Paytm Partnerinitiative which enables people to earn money by onboarding new and existing Paytm customers by completing their KYC. The Paytm Partners will also get opportunities to sell their products, services and earn commissions in the future!

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