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How to be a true beauty? Explains this Sanskrit Shlok!

Sanskrit shlok:

दाक्षिण्यं विरूपामपि स्त्रियं भूषयति, सुरूपामपि अदाक्षिण्यं दूषयति।


dākṣiṇyaṃ virūpāmapi striyaṃ bhūṣayati, surūpāmapi adākṣiṇyaṃ dūṣayati।

English translation:

Civility adds grace even to an ugly woman, while the absence of it takes away the grace of even the pretty one.

Hindi translation:

शालीनता कुरूप स्त्री को भी सुन्दर बना देती है और अशालीनता सुरूप स्त्री को भी असुन्दर।

Well said, indeed! It is your behavior that makes you liked or desired by others. Your looks can only make you appear attractive momentarily, what truly adds to your beauty is your gentle civilized nature, decency and gracefulness.

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