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Are u thinking to become a Floral Designer? Then the first thing that should be in you and I think you must have that is Interest and love for flowers. The second thing required to become a Floral Designer is creativity. If you have these qualities then you are ready to become a floral designer.

What are the job roles that a Floral Designer can do?


The responsibility of a florist is to arrange flowers in bouquets, wreaths, centrepiece elements and vases. They also need to design outdoor areas or an entire room and fill them with flowers.

Floral Designer

The duty of a floral designer is to curate arrangements of dried, living and silk flowers for decorative display.


A Floriculturist is the one who works on the cultivation of ornamental plants and flowering for the garden, export and floral industry.

Interior Decorator

An interior decorator is hired for decorating interior spaces. They are required to select accessories for the area as per the request of the client and make it look aesthetically appealing.

Wholesale Florist

A wholesale florist works with cultivators to supply merchandise and flowers to the retailer. They also pitch their services to the retail florist as their duty is to sell the flowers to the customers.

Which companies hire Floral Designer?

Employment Sector/Industry for Floral Designer
Floral designers are required in almost every occasion these days. Find out the areas and employment sectors that offer opportunities to a floral designer.

  • Entertainment Industry
  • Design Firms
  • Wedding Planning Firms
  • Floral Stores
  • Corporate Offices
  • Advertising
  • Concerts
  • Hospitality Firm
  • Start-ups
  • Event Managing Firms
  • Outdoor Design Consultancy Firms
  • Interior Designer
  • Educational Sectors

Top Recruiting Companies for Floral Designers
The top recruiting companies for floral designers are as follows.

  • Ferns n Petals
  • Florifera
  • FlowerAura
  • ShaadiOnline
  • KWP Event Management
  • Babygogo
  • Maya Flowers
  • FTD Floral Private Limited
  • Fiestro Events
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