Essay on Teachers Day

Teacher’s day is on 5th september do you know why we celebrate teacher’s day i tell you we cebrate teacher’s day, as birthday of the former President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a well-known scholar, teacher and promoter of education.

This is a very special day for children’s day in this day children gives gifts bouquets and card to thier techer and the one who make them study at the home or tution, children’s respect them more then other days, but my opinion is that every day is Teacher’s day in fact mother’s day, father’s day, sister’s day, brother’s day, friendship day and etc.

We should respect every day our Teachers Mother Father they have done man efforts to make us perfect and their will be one that we have to help them so love them respect them and enjoy everyday and don’t forget they are very special for us because they are the one who make our life and move up to the upper stairs so that we can touch the sky.

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