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India is far from being Aatmanirbhar (meaning self-reliant). Though we are making progress in that direction, it will take time to achieve that goal. During that time period, the students of today will become the youth who will take the nation forward. Hence, the role of students in nation building is very crucial.  

For a nation to become self-reliant, it needs to have a strong law and order system, needs to be able to break free from superstitions and be adaptable to change. Students can develop a clear understanding of all these aspects during their schooling years, so that they are well-educated and well-aware during their adulthood and can take sensible decisions and bring about change in society.


To begin with, a good law and order system is possible only if corruption and unethical behaviour is uprooted.  With good education, moral values can be inculcated in children. Universal concepts of hard work, determination and honesty can be ingrained in them, to raise a generation of anti-corruption youth.

Additionally, in order to move forward, India will need to shed some of its old beliefs and take the route to social development. Students who study science will be able to break free from the shackles of superstitions, have a positive mindset and increase their productivity both in school and during their jobs.

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Finally, today’s students have lived through the Covid-19 times and know only too well that one needs to be flexible and adapt according to the situation. Having moved from physical classrooms to virtual classes, students have already developed an adaptable mindset. This mindset is extremely necessary, because adaptability triggers innovation, which in turn helps in nation building.

All the reasons listed above showcase how the students of today will be the flag-bearers of tomorrow and how education empowers them to lead the nation towards self-reliance.

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