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Here are the chapters for class Six Science. Choose your Chapter and gets your notes for Free.

The component that we consume, which provides nourishment to the body, is called food.E.g., Rice, chapati, curry, fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, milk, curd, butter, etc.Ingredients The components or materials required to prepare a food item are called as ingredients..……….READ MORE

Food: It is the group of edible substances which provide energy to the living beings and repair the old tissues and build the new tissues.Nutrition: The process of consuming nutrients required for the growth and development of our body and to obtain energy is………….READ MORE

Fibres All cloth materials are made up of long, narrow, thin structures called fibres. Fibres are obtained from natural as well as man-made sources. Natural Sources Cotton, jute, silk, wool, etc., are obtained from natural sources- plants or animals.………….READ MORE

There is a vast variety of objects everywhere. All objects around us are made up of one or more materials. A thing can be made of different materials.Many things can be made from the ………….READ MORE

Pure Substances Many substances around us contain only one type of constituent particles. Elements and compounds are pure substances. Some of the pure substances are iron, copper, water, salt, etc. Impure Substances Substances containing more than one………….READ MORE

We can bring about a change in a substance by doing one or more of the following processes: Heating. Applying force. Mixing it with something else. Changes caused by heating: When an object is heated, it gets affected in one or many possible ways.………….READ MORE

Flowering Plants Plants which bear flowers are called flowering plants. Their bodies are divided into roots, stem, leaves and bear flowers and fruits. Herbs, shrubs and trees: Plants are usually………….READ MORE

Skeletal System Bones in our body form the framework that supports the whole body. This framework is called the skeleton.Our skeleton is made up of a number of bones and cartilages………….READ MORE

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