Boy Meaning in Sanskrit | DailyHomeStudy

Boy Meaning in Sanskrit | DailyHomeStudy

A boy is a male child or youth. A boy is a man, especially a young or relatively young one.

Boy Meaning in Sanskrit

What is the meaning of boy in Sanskrit Language? What is called a boy in Sanskrit?



Boy is called balakah (बालक:) in Sanskrit Language.

Boy is called Ladkka (लड़का) in Hindi Language.

Boy Sentences in Sanskrit

Balakah Sentences in Sanskrit Language

बालक: पठति – Balakah Pathati

Boy is studying.

बालक: लिखति – Balakah likhati

Boy is writing.

बालक: गच्छति – Balakah gachchati

Boy is going.

बालक: गायति – Balakah gayati

Boy is singing.

बालक: नृत्यति – Balakah nrityati

Boy is dancing.

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