Baby Boy Names Hindu in Sanskrit with Letter C (च) | DailyHomeStudy

Baby Boy Names Hindu in Sanskrit with Letter C (च) | DailyHomeStudy

Unique Sanskrit names starting with the letter Cha(च), collection of mythological baby boy names in Sanskrit Language.

Names for boys
Caṇa (चण): famous, renowned.
Cāṇakya (चाणक्य): (famous minister and political advisor of King Chandragupta) son of Caṇaka.
Catura (चतुर): swift, quick, clever.
Cadira (चदिर): the moon, camphor.
Candana (चन्दन): Sandalwood, something which is excellent of its kind, aromatic.
Carmika (चर्मिक): shield-bearer.
Cākṣma (चाक्ष्म): gracious.
Cāru (चारु): (one of the sons of Krishna) beloved, esteemed, pleasing.
Caitanya (चैतन्य): consciousness, intelligence, soul.
Cyavana (च्यवन): (a seer / ṛṣi who was the son of seer Bhṛgu) one who is moving or one who makes something to move.
Cakrī (चक्री): (name of Viṣṇu) one who has the discus.
Candreśa (चन्द्रेश): (one of the names of Śiva) lord of the moon.
Cārudatta (चारुदत्त): one who is born beautiful.
Citragupta (चित्रगुप्त): (assistant of Yama who keeps the records of good and bad deeds of every being.) rich in secrets.
Cintāmaṇi (चिन्तामणि): (one of the names of Gaṇapatī) A jewel which wards off all the worries.
Cakora (चकोर): the Greek partridge, a bird fabled to subsist on moon-beams.
Cakra (चक्र): wheel of the chariot (in Rigveda, sun’s chariot), a discus or sharp circular missile weapon (especially of Viṣṇu).
Cakreśa (चक्रेश): sovereign of the World.
Cakśaṇi (चक्षणि): an illuminator.
Caṅkura (चङ्कुर): a tree, a carriage.
Cañcu (चञ्चु): renowned or famous, a deer, name of a plant.
Candraketu (चन्द्रकेतु): (son of Lakṣmaṇa) sign or mark or torch like the moon.
Caraka (चरक): (one of the followers and expounders of Ayurveda) Wanderer, Wandering religious student.
Caravya (चरव्य): destined to sacrifice with Caru oblation, sacrificer.
Cātaka (चातक): the bird Cuculus melanoleucus (said to subsist on rain-drops).
Candrahāsa (चन्द्रहास): one having a smile as bright as the moon.
Cāruhāsa (चारुहास): one having a beautiful smile.
Cittarañjana (चित्तरञ्जन): gratifying or affiliating the mind.
Caitra (चैत्र): first month of the Hindu calendar.
Cirāyu (चिरायु): having a long life.
Cidātmā (चिदात्मा): pure thought or intelligence.

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