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Online Classes are one of the best method to keep children touching with studies and to keep going on their studies during the situation of COVID-19 pandemic disease. It has so many advantages as following.

1. Easily accessible 

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The e- learning method requires only an internet connection with good speed and a computer or mobile. While taking classes online, attending is as simple as opening up your computer or tablet unlike physical classes. The sessions can be even recorded for later use. 

2. Budget friendly

There are numerous courses and resources available for free access which can get rid of any financial issues for fee payment during lockdown. Also the fees can be kept low while going online, as the student will not be expected to pay his share for the cost of maintaining the whole institution.

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3. Convenient to fit into the day

Students can fit online classes around their existing responsibilities and commitments and can learn at his or her own pace and time thereby planning study time accordingly. As long as a student meets the deadlines and participate appropriately online, he can be fine. This means much less pressure and intensity. See Also : Study During Lockdown Essay

4. Available 24×7

The teachers and the students can interact with each other at any time without the limitations of day or night, for providing study materials, clearing doubts or taking tests; provided the time is convenient to all participants. The students and teachers get an opportunity to maintain a warm relationship while communicating without fear. 

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5. Can be personalised according to individual needs 

When it comes to e-learning, the students can customize – the learning environment, the learning content itself, the interaction between facilitator, student and the learning content as per personal preferences. This aspect can generate more interest in students towards learning.

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6. No commuting required

Since the students do not require to travel to a particular class for learning they can save the travelling time and use it for relaxing after the lessons. All the more, while learning, they won’t feel tired due to travelling, hence easier to concentrate. This way more time can be dedicated for studies.

7. Flexible

Online courses give students the opportunity to plan study time around the rest of their day, instead of the other way around- anytime, anywhere. Students can study and work at their convenience. It gives learners plenty of time to digest, engage with each other, practice, or do their own research. See Also : essay on Social Distancing

8. Comfortable ambience to focus

With online classes, it’s much easier to focus on what is going on. The students can put themselves in the right environment. Headphones can be used if surroundings are noisy. The interactions happen online, meaning they won’t easily wander off topic. And students can choose to study at a time when they are freshest. For those who struggle to concentrate, online classes might be the ideal solution.

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9. More Individual attention

The teachers can also be at ease as they have enough options to interact with each student online, instruct and address specific issues even directly after the class. They too won’t have the usual pressures of managing school hours, checking the notes, commuting etc hence will be in a better position to take care of student needs online than in physical class rooms.

10. Social distancing can be exercised

Amidst the regulations of social distancing and self isolation, the students if allowed to attend schools may not be able to exercise the safety precautions in an effective manner. It would be very tough to control the students from playing or touching each other which might make the situation of virus spread out of control. Online classes can provide the same quality of education in the comfort of their homes thereby helping in securing their future and also in controlling the virus spread.

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11. Creating High Calibre Learning Pathways for Future  

Skill development and enhancement is key to career growth in competitive times we live in. Various online education platforms have made it easy for students to develop new skills while continuing with a regular course at a college/university. Online education is the key and perhaps the best path to upskilling. It is common to see an MBA student with a specialization in HR doing an online course in data analytics to expand his skills and likewise. Adapting to an online learning environment will make students familiar with the future of work and required competencies.  

12. Improved Attendance

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Since the virus outbreak forced the educational institutes to adopt online classes, there is a considerable improvement in the attendance of students. While there is no need to travel long distances for classes, today’s tech-savvy and pro-digital generation are loving the concept of online classes. There is a significant improvement in participation and interaction. 

13. Trackable Learning

The performance and learning ability of students is easily trackable in online classes. In online mode, data of every student is individually stored and digitally trackable. While digital tools enable teachers to easily track students with online learning, the same cannot be done with face-to-face learning. The analytic tools provide detailed reports about every student’s performance and progress. This helps the teachers to create online classes according to the learning patterns of students. 

14. High Engagement 

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Online learning materials are visually stimulating, concise, and more interactive combined with features like surveys or polls, quizzes, etc. As a result, online classes increase student engagement. The classes with multimedia content are easily accessible on any device and give control to students over how they take in the material.

15. Reduced Distractions

Another great thing about online classes is that assessment is an ongoing process. There is increased student engagement as there is no peer distraction. Away from the competition and dominant students, there is increased involvement of students in asking doubts and initiating an interaction. Moreover, some concepts are better taught online. For instance, there are various tools and techniques in engineering which, with the support of visual effects are being taught better than before.

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16. Quick Assessment 

Online classes have enabled the teachers to quickly assess the learning of students as and when they teach. Unlike in the traditional classrooms, tech-enabled classes allow the teachers to post a quiz of 2-3 questions after every 10 minutes or after every concept or conduct a fact-finding poll. Shy students may actively participate in answering these questions as chat does away with the fear of ‘What if I am wrong?

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Online learning, which came as a panacea for the crisis, is increasingly seen as a new paradigm in education. Major world-changing events are often an inflection point for rapid innovation such as the rise of e-commerce post-SARS. While it may be too early to predict, it is very likely that e-learning is going to majorly impact education and herald the arrival of a new normal.  

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