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Sanskrit Names For Baby Boy starting with A letter | DailyHomeStudy

Sanskrit Names have a great meaning. Every parent tries to find the best name for their child. They also wants that the name has a very powerful meaning. Not just a perfect meaning the name should sound great as well. We have try to cover as many unique names for baby boy in Sanskrit as possible. The names that have an interesting story/meaning behind them but you often don’t see in everyday use.

Unique Sanskrit names starting with A(अ)

Names for boys

Agniveśa (अग्निवेश): (Ancient Āyurveda practitioner) one who dwells near the fire
Agasti (अगस्ति): (name of a sage): a mountain-thrower. (strong/ valorous person)
Agira (अगिर): Sun, Fire, A Rākṣasa (demon)
Acyuta (अच्युत): (name of Lord Viṣṇu) Not fallen, firm, imperishable, permanent
Aniruḍa (अनिरुड): (son of Pradyumna) Unobstructed, self-willed
Abhīma (अभीम): (name of Viṣṇu) causing no fear
Arinandana (अरिनन्दन): affording triumph to an enemy
Arka (अर्क): Sun, A ray or flash of lightning
Aja (अज): (Eminent King in the Raghu lineage) One who is present eternally, the ultimate Principle (Brahma)
Aṃśula (अंशुल): radiant one
Amogha (अमोघ): succeeding, fruitful, hitting the mark
Adhvara (अध्वर): non-injuring, a sacrifice
Akrūra (अक्रूर): (very famous devotee of Shrī Kṛṣṇa) one who is not cruel, one who is merciful
Anala (अनल): fire, the deity Agni, fire in the stomach which digests food, wind
Anuvrata (अनुव्रत): devoted to, faithful to, ardently attached to
Ajātaśatru (अजातशत्रु): (name of Yudhiṣṭhira) having no enemy
Ajīgarta (अजीगर्त): (name of a poor ascetic) one who doesn’t have anything to eat (lit. to swallow)
Aśvaghoṣa (अश्वघोष): (Sanskrit poet) the sound of a horse
Abhinavakālidāsa (अभिनवकालिदास): The modern Kālidasa. (a name given to a modern Sanskrit poet: Mādhavācārya)
Aśvatthāman (अश्वत्थामन्): (son of Droṇācārya) having the strength of a horse
Adhiratha (अधिरथ): (a charioteer of Karṇa once being the Prince of Aṅga kingdom) One who is on the cart or chariot
Arbuda (अर्बुद): (a serpent-like Demon coming in the RV conquered by Indra) a long round mass, a swelling or a tumour
Advaita (अद्वैत): (Epithet of Viṣṇu, identity of Brahmā or the supreme soul) Non-duality, having no duplicate, peerless, sole, unique.
Aravinda (अरविन्द): Lotus, the Indian crane.
Arghya (अर्घ्य): valuable, deserving a respectful reception (as a guest), a daily oblation to Sun during twilight (dawn and evening).
Abhiṣeka (अभिषेक): Coronation, inauguration, purification.
Aṅkuśa (अङ्कुश): Reins, control over something.
Anurāga (अनुराग): Affection, love.
Ārṣa (आर्ष): belonging to seers (Ṛṣis), archaistic.

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