5 Lines On Importance Of Exercise In Sanskrit

शरीरस्य धारणं कुशलस्य कारणम्।
(Physical fitness is the cause of overall well-being.)

योगश्चित्तस्य निरोधः, तस्य प्रशान्तता।
(Yoga brings tranquility to the mind through control.)

व्यायामेन स्वस्थता, आरोग्यं च लाभते।
(Exercise brings health and well-being.)

शरीरं तु कलत्रद्वारा, अन्यथा विनश्यति।
(The body is the gateway to success, otherwise it perishes.)

नियमितं व्यायामेन, दुःखं त्यागं च गच्छति।
(Regular exercise leads to the abandonment of sorrow and pain.)

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